Traditionally: Justice
Crowley Deck: Adjustment

Strength A resolute attitude and a willingness to stand up for what is right will bring success against what may appear to be overwhelming odds. The card is governed by the astrological sign of Leo indicating honesty, reliability and a resolute attitude. It could perhaps be remembered that the word "comfort" comes from the Latin "com fort" meaning "with strength".

The card indicates triumph over mean and petty-minded attitudes and bigotry. Fair play will prevail. The card may also indicate a good and rapid recovery from illness. It also indicates business acumen:

"The French haven't even got a word for entrepreneur"
~ George Bush
and someone replied: "Yeah. They haven't got one for laissez-faire either."

Strength is the eighth card in the major arcana and correspondingly carries the Hebrew letter Cheit (CH). Because the positive qualities of the number eight are seldom diluted, the card often indicates a positive change of mind or status. There is reward for effort and persistence, even though it may take some time for recognition to come. There may be opposition or conflict, either with others who oppose uyour ideas or possibly from an unexpected direction such as a run-in with the law. While you will have the space to develop, you may find that you are carrying baggage from the past which you need to deal with before you move on. If you tackle this you will find that circumstances which have been restraining you will disappear. This is especially true with respect to relationships. The astrological sign is Libra.

The Larch seems to be an appropriate tree to associate with strength. Larch wood, along with pine, fir and cypress, was much used in Roman shipbuilding after it was "discovered" by Julius Caesar (c. 100 BC to 44 BC) when he laid seige to an alpine fort constructed from it. He tried to burn the fort down with burning brushwood and was somewhat gobsmacked to find that the brushwood had no effect. There is another association here, which is that in the Crowley Thoth pack, strength is represented by a fort or castle. Larch was used, a generation after Caesar, in the construction of the palace of the emperor Augustus.

On their European frontiers that the Romans built forts of wood. After invading in 43 A.D., they built several hundred in Britain alone, most of them on a square plan. Some of them, like Inchtuthil in Perthshire, on the banks of the River Tay near Dunkeld, were very large, as much as five hundred yards along each side. Omvioiusly the fortress at Inchtuthil has not survived; the photograph above the tree is of a nail recovered from the site.

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