The Star

The Star:  The Apple

A ship, an isle, a sickle moon
With few but with how splendid stars
The mirrors of the sea are strewn
Between their silver bars!

~ James Elroy Flecker

The star brings insight, hope and opportunities and even though the outcome may be different from what is expected, the result is usually fruitful. The card also indicates good health. At the same time the card is shrouded in mystery, often depicting a virgin pouring from two pitchers, one in each hand, one flowing into a river and the other on to arid land. There is no clear "standard" interpretation of this and it is often suggested that the water tipped on to dry land is "wasted". Personally I don't see it that way. The water falling on arid land is making it fertile while the other pitcher is augmenting the river. While a choice is undoubtedly involved, both outcomes are positive.

Seventeenth in the major arcana, the Tower takes the Hebrew letter Pei (P/F in Latinised languages).

The positive nature of the card suggests that it should be associated with a tree with many beneficial qualities. The apple fits the bill. It has been unfairly put down ever since Eve tempted Adam with one, but in fact the Bible does not specifically name the apple as the fruit of the tree of knowledge. In reality the apple has helped to keep us all healthy and, for instance, Scandinavian legend attributes the gods' eternal youth to the eating golden apples supplied by Idhunn, child of Frigga. To the Greeks the apple stood for immortality while the Arabs considered that it had curative properties. The apple gets my vote, anyway, for such a positive card. The apple tree in our garden is shown in the foreground while an image of the Horsehead nebula in Orion is shown in the background. I thought this was appropriate as horses like apples.

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