The Moon

The Moon: Silver Birch Visions, dreams, hallucination. Eccentricity and the inner quest. Represented by the Lunar goddesses Artemis (see photo), who became associated with Celine and by Diana, the huntress, the Moon is the most obvious symbol of feminine energy in the solar system and is is ruled by Cancer and is closely associated with a woman's reflective nature and her internalized response to the world.

Because the moon has a twenty eight day cycle and gives rise to the tides, its cycle has become the most influential biorhythm for all life on earth. Whether you believe in astrology or not, the lunar cycle undeniably is the clock by which a whole plethora of biological activity is timed, including the human feminine cycle.

Artemis The Moon may represent the clandestine relationships and the primitive fears that begin to surface at dusk when the certainty of the daylight begins to wane, and it gives way to the darkness. There is a narrow pathway between a wolf on the left symbolising primitive instincts and a dog on the right symbolising domesticity. In other packs these are the Anubis, the ancient Egyptian guardians of the gate. You have a perilous path to walk as it is narrow and falls between an abyss on either side, however you are heading in the right direction. Take great care because all is not as it seems. Use your intuition to deal with deception below the surface. Eighteenth in the Major Arcana, the card takes the eighteenth letter in the Herbrew Alefbet, Fe (F).

The trunks of the silver birch seem to suggest moonlight in themselves, however there is also a connection in the Druidic tradition. The birch is known as the "lady of the woods", reflecting its association with other trees considered to represent the female principle, including the rowan and the willow and its rites were often celebrated at night. The Welsh associated the tree with Blodenwedd, the owl goddess, who can be both loving and treacherous, and owls are nocturnal creatures. The birch was the traditional wood from which witches' broomsticks were made, as the light within the trunks helped them to fly.

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