aka The Angel or the Last Judgement
In the Thoth tarot (Crowley / Harris): the Aeon

Judgement:  The Tolpuddle Sycamore

~ As for his works in verse and prose
I own myself no judge of those
Nor can I tell what Criticks thought 'em
But, this I know, all people bought 'em
As, with a moral view design'd
To cure the vices of mankind.

~ Jonathan Swift

We are dealing here not with justice, which is a different card, but with judgement, often associated with being judgemental, with bigotry, and with miscarriages of justice. I can think of no better association than with the tree under which the Tolpudle Martyrs' first met. You might like to compare these notes with the notes on the Justice card and the reason I have chosen Kett's Oak in Norfolk to represent that.

Low wages, appalling conditions and unemployment, bad winters and poor harvests in 1829 and 1830 fuelled a great explosion of anger, resulting in riots led by the mythical "Captain Swing" in November 1830. Throughout England 600 rioters were imprisoned; 500 sentenced to transportation; and 19 executed. The martyrs' tree is the sycamore on the village green where the Tolpuddle six met to try to form a trade union.

In March, 1834 the six Tolpuddle martyrs were sentenced to seven years transportation to Australia for trying to form the trade union. The authorities were determined to crush the trade union movement and so the six were sentenced under the trumped-up charge of: "administering an unlawful oath, using a law applicable to the Navy, not workers rights".

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At the same time, the card is indicative of the last judgement. Many old packs show the archangel Michael with his trumpet, summoning the dead to rise and be judged. In this aspect the card is death and rebirth, the dying and rising god. There is new potential, new opportunities whchh cannot be ignored. A decision, often a career decision, has arisen which will affect your future. The rewards of past efforts are about to be harvested. As with otehr cards, the actual meaning of the Judgement card inj a spread depends on the spread. If there is a lot of "red tape" in the spread it may be that the queirant either is or will be experiencing a lot of unfair resistance from those in authority. More commonly, though, the card represents light at the end of the tunnel. In this deck the card is represented by Quf, the twentieth card in the Hebrew Alefbet.

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