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The Alchemists

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John Dee Soothsayer to Queen Elizabeth the First. In less fortunate times he peddled fortune telling on the street.
Edward KellySee John Dee
Arthur DeeSee John Dee
Fulcanelli Warned scientists about the dangers of nuclear fission before it was supposed to have been discovered.
Paracelsius A burning ambition to discover the secret of the world and a huge ego to match but ultimately could not empathise with humanity.
Hermes Trismegistus Father of the western alchemical tradition.
Roger Bacon Stood at the crossroads between mediaevalism and the scientific age.
James Price If at first you don't succeed, drop dead.
Henry Cornelius Agrippa Humanist as well as alchemist, he wrote the most comprehensive work on renaissance alchemy.
Nicholas Flamel Parisian scrivener who discovered the secrets of Alchemy in an old book and became fabulously wealthy.
Bernard of Trevisa Accident-prone alchemist who had an unfortunate tendency to poison people - including himself.
St. Thomas Aquinas Single greatest prime mover behind the development of modern western thought
Le Compte de Saint Germain Master swordsman, linguist and musician and fabluously wealthy for no obvious reason. Vampire?
Miscellany A motley collection of other alchemists.
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