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Professional, ethical readings from Alison herself. This is not an agency - all readings are personally with Alison.

Hello, Iím Alison, welcome to my psychic services website.


I intend to provide readings for all callers which are straightforward with truth, warmth, honesty, accuracy and from the heart.

Being a natural psychic/clairvoyant, spirit have always brought me back to do this work. I have now been working for spirit, as I
mentioned above for over 30 years and love the work they allow me to do on their behalf. I have read for many people from all walks of life.

I come from a long line of natural mediums and psychics. My guides and helpers are most notably my mum and
my grandma, an Augustinian monk, Dominic who is also one of my healing guides, along with a sister of mercy.

My main aim is to provide an excellent service where the quality, not the duration of the reading is the most important thing;
I will not keep you talking for unnecessarily long periods of time. I refuse to give false hope, relying on the fact that if
something is not meant to be then its usually for a reason. I will, with the help of my guides and spirit
try to find what other options may lay in store for my callers.

Please keep an eye on the website because it is an interesting site. On this site every month we will be displaying articles
which we consider interesting and informative but also fun. My partner, Ken, is my web master.
He has great skills and interest in the service of spirit. The web site is extensive as we don't send any mailings to callers.
People who call us are often in difficult situations and may not want other people in the house to know that they are in contact with us.

If you would like to email me with any testimonials or comments on your readings, please click on this link: email Alison

All the services I offer are for entertainment purposes only and cannot be guaranteed.
You must be 18 years of age or over to use the service.

†Love and Light to you all.

Best Wishes


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